Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Good morning, We got up and went for a long walk this morning. We are now venturing outside our compound and it seems to be perfectly fine. There were several others out walking/exercising as well. When we were almost back home we came across a lady that was sitting and crying beside the roadway. There were two friends with her. I ask what was wrong and her friends told us and showed us. She really needed to get somewhere but was not able because of her injuries. It made me cry - I hugged her and told her I was really sorry. We went home and decided that we needed to go back and give them a ride - even though that is against mission rules! Oops!! My thought was that we are here as humanitarian missionaries and this is about as humanitarian as it gets. It was really important that they get to where they needed to go. So -- we went back with the truck and offered them a ride. They were very grateful for the help. I hope all goes well for her. That is all I can say about it!!

Our container STILL isn't here. Tomorrow we have a zone conference - that will be our first and I'm sure it will be good. Sis. Taylor and I are helping Sis. Bester (mission pres. wife) with the food as the lady who usually does it has gone to Utah for her daughter's wedding. We are serving lasagna, salad, buns and ice cream. (Apparently the ice cream here is very good - however I haven't tried it due to my 'no-sugar' diet).

Yesterday we went and met a fellow about wheelchairs. SA had suggested it might be a good connection/source for wheelchairs within the country. We don't think it will be what they are looking for - they also bring them in from China but they assemble them here. We will talk to the brethren about it when they come down to train/visit us in a couple of weeks. We are really looking forward to them coming down so we can know better what we can do here and how to do it. We need to start making our list of questions.

We had no zesa (electricity) again - two days in a row. It goes off about 8:30 a.m. and comes back on about the time we are going to bed. At least it comes on for a while if only to cool off the
fridge/freezer for us -- we just keep it shut to preserve the cold). We did use the generator to cook a quick supper and then we use our kerosene lamps and flashlights. I guess no zesa and no water are just part of life here. We are getting used to it. Sometimes in the morning we get a little water - even a little hot water if we are really lucky. We go to the borehole and keep our pail full and fill our drinking bottles at the mission office. All is well!!

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  1. I am SO impressed with all that you manage and do without. And also for the way that you follow the spirit when guided to.