Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday morning July 9th

Hi, A quick update.

We have our water specialists here (Elder & Sis. Johnson from West Jordan, Ut). We have been busy and are getting lots done. We have been out with a couple from a borehole drilling company and have been 'divining' wells/boreholes with Y shaped tree limbs. It has been pretty fun and interesting. They can tell how deep the water is and whether it should be a drilled borehole or a hand-dug well. Elder Bullock and do it but it wouldn't work for me - except when I held one side of the limb and the borehole guy held the other side and then we held hands -- then Whoa -- it worked like crazy. I will have to keep trying I guess. Another method is to balance a 500 mil bottle of water (full or partly full) on your hand and walk around -- when the bottle starts to wobble and tip - there is water and the direction the bottle tips tells which direction it is flowing!! Amazing.

We have Locardia, who is going to be the LDSC supervisor for hygiene/sanitation training and overseeing the committees at the different borehole sites. She has been spending the past 2 days with us and will do really great at this job. She has to recommend a couple of names for 'trainers' who will help her. She will also be a huge asset to E/S Bean when they arrive. We feel like we made an excellent choice when we picked Locardia for the job - she is going to be good!!

We are on our way to a 'hand-over' ceremony at Chifumbi Clinic where we bought new transformes and fixed the borehole. Lots of speeches, etc. but it will be fun.

Tomorrow we head to Kadoma for the 5 baptisms -- our headmaster at Danangwe School and his family. We are thrilled about that. After the baptisms we will continue on to Antelope Park with the Johnsons so they can enjoy an evening there and take a walk with the Lions. (That was Bronte's favorite activity while here). We will stay overnight and go back to Kadoma Sunday morning for church - confirmations and priesthood ordinations.

Monday we go to Muzarabani for talk about boreholes there. We are enjoying our time with Johnsons and appreciate their help/expertise with the water projects. We will get enough done that when Beans come they will be able to take off with these projects.

Love to all, Elder/Sister Bullock

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