Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday, July 5th

Hi everyone,
We had a busy weekend at Masvingo finishing off the audit there at the branch. There are good people there and we hope to get back down there one more time before we go home.

One of our elders from this mission who returned home a few months ago is in Masvingo. He told us Saturday that he has met the girl of his dreams and they are planning a temple marriage. He said he would introduce us on Sunday. I was kind of hoping it was one particular girl named Elizabeth and it was!!! Yeah!! Anyway - this young man is staying at Pres. Munaki's house, renting a room. Elizabeth also stays there. We gave Pres. Munaki a ride home and I told him that I heard he has been doing some matchmaking. He didn't know what that term so between me and a young man who was with us we explained it. Then Pres. Munaki looked at me strange -- and I realized he didn't know these two had been dating (not really dating here). I told him that they didn't say I couldn't tell. He was pretty taken back by the idea. After a bit he started to smile and said, 'now it all makes sense'. They have been asking me questions about how to go about temple marriage etc. etc. He said that he would tell them and then they would both giggle. He had been totally clueless, however, the young man with us knew about it and so does Pres. Munaki's wife. It was quite funny and I am sure he had some fun with it when he got home.

We got a call today from Mr. Musoro, the head master from Danangwe School where we are doing a project. He is the one who has been to church and wanted to get baptized but we informed him that he had to have the missionary discussions first. It took a while to get the branch missionaries to do their job and finally Pres. Dube had the full time missionaries in KweKwe travel to Chegutu and teach with the branch missionaries. We really wanted to see this man and his family taught because they are just really super people. He will be a branch president. Anyway - he called today to tell us that he and his family (wife and 3 teenage children) are having baptismal interviews and planning on being baptised on July 17th. We really want to be there for the baptism so will do whatever we can to arrange that. We are really excited about this family. This is so awesome!!!

The water specialists come tomorrow about noon so we will have a busy couple of weeks. I hope we are at least a little prepared for them. I know we aren't as prepared as we should be and part of the reason is because we really don't know all that we should do. Hopefully we have done enough to make their time here worth while.

Our personal computer has a problem and won't turn on today. I hope we can at least retrieve everything off of it when we get home - pictures, etc.

Must head home - it is dark out. Love to all, The Bullocks

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