Friday, July 23, 2010


21 July 2010 - Out for supper with President Dube and some of the missionaries

We went to 9 clinics today to check on things. Most of them are close to the target number of children that they were hoping to do. They need to vaccinate 1.7 million kids to make it a successful campaign and make a difference to measles in the country. It is looking like it will be successful!! Glad we could help out with our little efforts. The 'helping hands' volunteers have done a great job and have really been appreciated. Tomorrow we head back to Harare.

23 July 2010 - They just had their shots - can you tell?

School kids waiting in line

Look at his face

Still big crowds waiting at the clinics for their shots

A funny picture - at least I thought it was! :)
This was being put up outside one of the clinics today.
Actually this procedure is being recommended as they say it helps to not pass AIDS -- not quite sure why though. There are billboards promoting it recently though.

Some of our 'helping hands' volunteers

Cute little patient

Kids playing&working in their yard

The moms and girls getting water at the community tap

Wanna go to a movie?

Selling charcoal on side of street

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