Wednesday, July 21, 2010


7 July 2010 - The Bullocks with Mike & Kathy Johnson, our water specialists

Witching or Divining a well - I could do it when holding his hand and the stick

Elder Bullock can do it!

Locardia trying it - she had to hold his hand to be able to do it

Measuring how deep the water is underground

8 July 2010 - 044 Cute kids

9 July 2010 - Handover ceremony at Henry John Reimer Clinic (aka Chifumbi Clinic)

Two MP's - he just received the hat as a gift.

Receiving our gifts

Locardia Murenza, Bullocks & Sis. Johnson

Bullocks with Sister Munyati, head nurse at Henry John Reimer Clinic

10 July 2010 - The Murenji family's baptism

Sunrise on a cool morning at antelope park

Sunrise reflected on water at Antelope Park

12 July 2010 - Our water project 'team'. We spent a lot of time working on our water projects with Johnsons, the water specialists. This is us and Johnsons and Locardia (hygiene supervisor), Bro. Seka and Mhike (borehole site monitors).

12 July 2010 - Seka isn't comfortable being hugged so.... o well!! I had to tease Seka a little!!

Having lunch on top of the mountain before going down to Lower Muzarabani

15 July 2010 - We gave him the "Gap" hat that Pam sent over with Bronte. He was so cute and had such a great smile. He loved it!!

17 July 2010 - How do you like the scaffolding on this building -- made out of poles and seems rather unsafe. This is in Lusaka, Zambia.
More of the scaffolding YIKES!

19 July 2010 - Measles campaign in Lusaka, Zambia. So many people came to the clinics on the first day. Members waiting for their volunteer assignments.

Mothers waiting with babies and small children (0 - 5 years)

Elder Bullock in his Helping Hands shirt

Our guide, Bro. Chansa, Bro. Chichinga and Elder Bullock discussing plan

People lined up for Measles shots, deworming pill and vitamin A

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  1. Cool photos!

    My grandpa was good at witching too. Everybody always came to him when they wanted a well dug. My parents well back home was dug from one of his witching times. It's been a VERY good well for the past.....since....1962.