Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday morning

We spent yesterday going around with a couple of people dropping of 'helping hands' T-shirts to the branches. We would have been totally lost without them to direct us. The measles campaign starts on Monday and we have extra shirts in our truck that we will deliver to them if they need more.

A missionary serving here had a problem yesterday so we spent some time talking with him and arranged for him to talk to the mission dr. last night. Hopefully he will be okay. He and his companion spent the night here, just in case, but he was fine. They are off to their area this morning.

Late in the afternoon yesterday we went to find a squash court that is nearby. Ishmael had told us about it. We found it and ended up visiting with half dozen squash players that were sitting around drinking their beer. They bought us mineral water. We gave out some article of faith cards and one fellow was interested in discussing them. That squash court doesn't open until 8:00 a.m. and we need to go earlier than that so one fellow gave us directions to another court not far away. He said to give his name and we could get in for free and just pay the court fee of $2.00/hr. That was nice of him - we will give it a try in the morning. The guys were all very friendly and think we should come back and live in Zambia.

Zambia is not a lot different than Zimbabwe, from what we can see so far. We think some roads are better and they do have a nice shopping mall close by with a "subway" restaurant. We bought chicken and chips/fries for lunch and then bought a few groceries.

I need to download some pictures off my camera and send a few for the blog. I will do that later today. It is nice to have internet here at this house so we can do those things in the evenings. We should move to Zambia - this house is VERY nice!

We are heading off to church and it sounds like there are meetings afterwards to make sure that the branches are all organized with their volunteers for the week. Each branch is helping out at 2 or 3 clinics each.

Love, Sister Bullock

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