Friday, July 23, 2010


We have spent the week in Zambia. I don't know how much help we have been but we did try to a bit. They had volunteers all arranged for the clinics each day and as we have checked they have always been there and the clinics seem to be happy to have the help. The children from ages 6 months to 5 years are getting the measles shot, polio, vitamin A and a deworming pill. There are so many people lined up with their kids. It is really great to see.

The only problem that we have heard about with the volunteers is that one young man was charging people to let them go to the front of the line and then later in the day is was reported to be very drunk!! YIKES!! That isn't very good publicity for the church. I'm sure he will be having an interview very soon with the District President.

The church does struggle somewhat here in Zambia as leaders of other churches have told people that we are Satanists. We hope that by doing all this volunteering and being visible at the clinics it will help people realize that we are Christians and trying to be good people.

Zambia is really dusty these days - dry season and a bit windy. A lot of the kids look so dirty because of the dust -- well and because they are. When there isn't water readily available and you have to haul it quite a distance then......

We went with the district Pres. yesterday to look at an area that needs water. We will pass on what we saw to the Beans and they can hopefully do something here, perhaps on next year's water budget, as the projects we have started will pretty much use up the $300,000 allotted for 2010. It sounds like they will get even more next year.

It is now Friday morning and we are heading out to see if we can get some numbers from the clinics of how many have been immunized so far.

We will head back to Zimbabwe tomorrow morning. It has been nice to be here with the Esplins (they got back on Wed.). They are easy people to be around and we enjoy them.

Much love, The Bullocks

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