Monday, July 5, 2010


Mom and Dad are sorry to make their blog private so close to the end of their mission, but something came up (I don't even know what - they said it would be another story for when they return home) that they wanted to be cautious who could see what. So, just like you're looking forward to knowing more, I am too!!!

Just a little more than a month until they will be home! :)

After spending 5 days in London, England for some relaxation time, they will fly into Calgary on August 17th in the evening. They will be speaking in their ward that following Sunday, August 22nd at 9:00 a.m. at the new chapel in Airdrie. Here is a map:

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Love, Kim


  1. Thanks for updating about your parents! I hope that you and your new one are doing well. Your parents have some new members of the family they haven't had a chance to meet yet. This will be exciting for them!

  2. Thanks SO much for keeping us on the list Kim! Sure appreciate all you've done on this blog for your parents. Can't wait to see them again, just as I am sure everyone in your family is as well. ; D

    Thanks for letting us know when their mission report is. I think we will be able to make it. Looking so forward to hearing them speak. Can't believe the time is so close at hand already!

  3. Cheryl, Mom and Dad have 3 new grandchildren, well 4 including Jared's cousin that he and Pam took guardianship of last year after both her parents died within a year of each other, and a daughter-in-law to meet when they get home! It's exciting indeed and will be a great reunion!!

    Lynn, we sure are excited! :) I'm sure the building will be filled to capacity that Sunday, so you better get there early if you want a good seat! haha

    Love, Kim