Friday, May 15, 2009

2009 Approved Budget - Zimbabwe

This is an email Mom & Dad received from one of the Brethren in South Africa. They thought you might find this interesting.

Love, Kim


As we begin to approach mid-year, we take the opportunity to remind you of your approved budget for 2009 as follows:
  • Clean Water - 2 projects, Zimbabwe; 2 projects, Zambia; 1 project, Malawi
  • Wheelchairs – 500, Zimbabwe; 250, Zambia; 250, Malawi
  • NeoNatal Resuscitation – None
  • Vision - None
  • Emergency Response - As needed and approved on an individual basis
  • Area Initiative budget - US$100,000 (total for all assigned countries)
  • Country Directors budget – US$18,700
In addition to the above, a Family Food Production project is being suggested for Zimbabwe. This will be a pilot project, if it is approved later in the year. We now know that NO additional projects will be approved unless other areas do not use all their allocated resources. Unfortunately, we will not know this until much later in the year. Given the adverse economic climate throughout the world, we encourage you to be careful in your use of the resources provided, particularly your country directors budget.

With thanks for all you do.

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