Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday, May 17th

We went to the Marondera branch for church today about a 45 minute drive). They had a full house as usual and were happy to see us. They always are so welcoming and most want to shake our hands – even the little kids (except a baby or two who cry with fright at the sight of a white person). We should be more like that with visitors at home (in Canada).

The branch president announced the speakers – a youth speaker and then us (YIKES!) – followed by a couple of others. That is all the notice we got! Being that I am not an ‘on the spot’ speaker I did some quick thinking about what I could say. Jim does better as another branch had done that to him about 3 weeks ago so he kind of gave the same talk again (on tithing/fast offering). Anyway – I quickly looked through the hymn book and chose “Have I Done Any Good In The World Today” and looked up the scriptures at the bottom. I read the words to the hymn, read and talked a bit about the scriptures and then I told a story from my life where I felt like I had done some good for someone (Gladys). I encourage them to do good for each other etc... WHEW! I did it. I guess we better smarten up and get a few talks prepared for such instances. Often here, they don’t have enough to fill the time.

After sacrament meeting is over everyone goes outside for 10 or 15 minutes and then the next meetings start. The kids haul the chairs to different areas. I attended primary – which is held outside. There were about 20 kids and they all stay together and have the same lesson by the primary president. (no teachers). Part way through the little girl next to me – touched me and pointed to my skirt to show me that I had little ants crawling on it. I think my chair was on an ant hill (of sorts). I quietly brushed them off, with the girl’s help – there were quite a few, not just on my skirt! I went to Young Womens for the last 45 minutes and there were still ants showing up on my shirt and skirt. I just picked them off and got rid of them. They are very small. Note: There are a lot of ants here – usually in our kitchen on the cupboard or wherever. We put fabric softener sheets around and that helps as they don’t like that for some reason. I have gotten used to it and just wipe them away and wrap food up good! I guess I am getting used to the crawly creatures and don’t go crazy at the sight of them. I just look carefully at my cereal in the mornings to make sure that there is no ‘movement’ in it!!

We are invited to Taylors (next door) for supper – which reminds me – I was suppose to take the chicken out of her oven 15 minutes ago. We will go to the mission office and check our email and ‘skype’ to see if anyone is there!!

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