Monday, May 18, 2009


Good morning to you, (afternoon to us)

Just wanted to tell you that this morning when we went for our walk a man stopped us and said, "Do you remember me?" I said no, but dad said yes - even though he didn't remember him. Anyhow, he reminded us that he was with the girl that we helped a few weeks ago. The one that we saw on the side of the pathway when we were walking and she was hurt. We went home and got the truck and went back and took her and the two guys to the court building because she couldn't walk and had to be there.

This morning the guy thanked us for helping them and told us that when she went to court and told what had happened to her that the Human Rights people got involved and took care of her for 3 weeks while she healed and recovered. The policeman that had tied her wrists and beat her was charged and is now in jail.

We were really glad to hear about it as we have wondered how she made out.

We have been busy today sorting paperwork and cleaned out some shelves out in the garden office. We need to go home and look for some paperwork that the auditors need and some stuff that we need to close some files on past initiatives.

This afternoon we drove out to Epworth to visit Pauline and our baby Edson. She wasn't there and her neighbor said she had gone to town. She said the baby is doing okay - so at least he is still alive. We will try and get out there again in the next day or two and see him for ourselves. The kids out have gotten to know us and want attention. Jim touches fists together with them (that is the Cholera handshake!) and they like it. There are so many of them. If there were only a few we could give them a 'sweet' but if we start then we get swamped and they get a little crazy.

We have home evening tonight with the Taylors. That is about it for our day. We have lots of paperwork to get done over the next week or two. It always seems to take longer than we think it should.

Love to all, Nancy & Jim

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  1. That is Wonderful news about that lady you helped! It's a testimony that you were led by the spirit and followed the whisperings. I am so glad to hear that there is some human rights there being addressed and looked after for her.