Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pictures from Malawi

Zebra & Girraffe @ Nyala Game farm

Impalas & Wildebeest @ Nyala Park

It is amazing to see all they can carry

This is a pigpen where COPRED (the organization that we may partnerwith if we do this project) has a pig that has 9 piglets. Pretty rustic pen but it seems to work.

Houses near COPRED in Malawi

Borehole water pump at COPRED

Making Dinner

COPRED helps train people with skills of sewing and shoe making

The backyard at Bouwhuis' in Balantyre, Malawi. They have done a nice job on this garden. There is also a river just behind the fence at the bottom that we could hear all night! Nice spot.

E & S Bouwhuis with Sisters and Elders in Blantyre, Malawi

Bullocks & Bouwhuis'

Malawi jungle - up a hillside

He lost his load! On our way down Zomba Mountain we came across this guy and so we
stopped to help him.

Helping him reload

Amazing - they push this load for miles down to the town

Hauling wood down mountain - we counted 24

View from top of Zomba Mountain - we were up pretty high!

View coming down Zomba Mountain

Stream on Zomba Mountain

Waterfalls on Zomba Mountain

Ouch! It is just unbelievable what they can carry on their heads.

How do you like this footbridge? We crossed it on our way to see some pigs.

Love, Elder & Sister Bullock

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