Monday, May 4, 2009

Pictures from the weekend and today

Attendees at the Coordinating Council Meeting

Moving Day? We were behind these people on our way home from church in Kadoma. They are obviously moving their household.

Following this truck on highway - must be moving day.

Truck on side of highway. They just leave vehicles sitting like this until......??

Selling tomatoes and rape on roadside.

We gave out a wheelchair this morning. Remember the lady we met a few weeks ago that can only crawl on her knees? We got a chair to her. It was a rainy day but a few people gathered and they brought her down from her hut in a wheelbarrow. We were waiting for her and Elder Bullock and Pastor Mataya went to look for them - they were about 1 km away. It was raining and they had her covered over with a raincoat. They got her into the truck and brought her down. Several
women helped her from the truck into the school classroom where we were waiting.
Lady arrives in wheelbarrow to receive wheelchair

She can only get around on her knees.

Got her into the wheelchair

Her Happy Friends!!

Group gathered to witness receipt of wheelchair
Sister Bullock with wheelchair recipient

This 12 year old boy needs wheelchair. He was there with his mother. We may try and get him a smaller chair. I think we have a 14" one that might work. His mother has to carry him everywhere.

It started to rain a lot while we were there and the roads got rather wet but we made it out.
Rain and bad roads - hope to get home without any problems!Waiting on bridge for combine to pass by us.

Love, The Bullocks

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  1. OH I was SO happy to see that this woman received a wheelchair! I would be cheering right long side of her friends. : D