Thursday, May 28, 2009



Nice day today again - 72 degrees. The electricity has been out at our flat since about 3:00 yesterday. CANDLELIGHT DINNERS ARE FAR OVER-RATED!!!!! It hadn't come back on at lunchtime today so we are hoping it is on by now. It usually isn't off this long. Our only real worry is the fridge/freezer contents. We do keep a couple of bottles of ice to put into the fridge to help keep it cool. We also have our generator and we did run it for about an hour this a.m. to cool off the fridge. We did use it to cook supper last night but then we lit the candles and played a game of "Five Crowns" and then used our 'wind-up' flashlights to read with for a while. And since there is no electricity to heat the gyser - pronounced geezer -- (water heater in the attic) we had a cool sink bath this morning. Such fun!!!

Guess what! Our container is coming in the morning. It really is - I think! haha :) We are going with Pres. Nield in the morning at 7:30 to pick up the paperwork and go to the shipping company to have it trucked over here. We have to take $$ with us because we may have to pay to get it out - up to $1000.00. (hopefully not more). There is an allowance written into the initiative just in case we get dinged for storage charges. Pres. Nield is pretty good at talking them down so we are glad he is going with us.

I wish I was coming to Utah with my sisters. :( I will be missing a fun time!!!! :( O well - I am having fun here!

Love to all, Nancy

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  1. Candles and windup certainly know how to do a Preparedness Specialist's heart some good. : D Good for you guys!

    However, I hope you get the power back are so right about it losing it's fun appeal after awhile. We had no water for two days here lat week, while the city was updating the pipes in our back alley. It was fun for just the first day. After that, we all wanted our water back. LOL!