Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday, May 5th

Our people from South Africa are arriving today - Jim is vaccuming out the truck (bakkie) right now so it will be presentable. It isn't bad but yesterday when we went to give out the wheelchair and it was raining quite hard - as we were going to leave the Pastor said - Oh, we have a problem. Can you give someone a ride down the road? We agreed and before we knew it we had 4 adults and 2 kids in the backseat. LOL The floor was a little dirty from muddy shoes after (or maybe even muddy bare feet). We felt like we were driving a combi (one of the minivans here that transport people - they are usually so crammed full that you wouldn't believe it - sometimes even hanging out the door or holding a bag or whatever out the window.

It is a beautiful day today - 81 degrees. Lots of rain yesterday which I guess is not usual for this time of year. They say it means the winter will be colder than usual. I might wish I had brought a
warmer jacket with me.

This morning we picked up seedling for the greenhouse here - tomatoes and spinach starts. We will get some cabbage starts on Friday. We wanted some eggplant but they didn't have any started yet. The flats come with 250 starts each - $8 for the tomatoes, onions and $7 for the
cabbages and I think it was $5 for the spinach. We had to supply the seeds for the tomatoes as they are special seeds for the greenhouse - they were $80 for 1000 seeds. The other vegetables the greenhouse just starts with their own seeds. It seems like a pretty good deal really (compared to our prices at home).

We took delivery of 13 bales of blankets this morning too and put them in our garden office as we are still saving our container space for when our humanitarian stuff comes in. That is the end of our blanket initiative - we will have to start another one to get more blankets from here in Zimbabwe. We do have some coming in our container.

We went for our one hour walk this morning - which we usually do except on the two days we played squash.

Must run. Love you, Nancy

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