Sunday, May 31, 2009


It is Sunday, late afternoon, and we decided to come to the office and check emails. We went to Marondera this morning to our branch there. It went well but since their sacrament meeting was ending about 25 minutes too early Elder Bullock offered to give his talk that he prepared for the Kadoma Branch last week. The branch presidency seemed to appreciate that. That branch seems to end early most of the time - then they all go outside and visit until it is Sunday school time. His talk was on preparing to go to the temple - which worked out well as they are working on that. The branch president is the only one in the branch who has been through the temple and he is presently teaching the 'temple prep.' classes so that some of them can go at the end of August. They are saving their money and for the ones that have never been there is a fund through the church that helps people get there. The people will pay some themselves.

We got to the church about half an hour early, which worked out well, as there was a pile of construction garbage in the doorway. They are presently tearing up the floors and are going to rip out a wall and extend the room where they meet for sacrament meeting as it is just too small now. Elder Bullock and some boys got busy and moved the pile and Pres. Banda was mopping up the cement floor and wiping the dust off the chairs. By nine o'clock the place was ready to go. As usual the place was over-full. They do a great job. They certainly love to sing even with no electricity and no piano or organ - they really don't need one. If we sang half as loud at home we'd be doing great!

It is a beautiful day today - warm and sunny. We sat outside in our backyard this afternoon for a while and read. I think it was about 80 degrees.

Hope you all have a great sabbath day. I will send a couple of pictures tomorrow.

Love, Sister Bullock

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  1. I've heard about the enthusiastic singing over there where the church is smaller.....I too wish we wouldn't take music for granted such as we do over here. Can you imagine if our large wards sang like they should? WOW!