Monday, May 18, 2009

More Pictures from Malawi

African Landscape

Boa Tree
This is an interesting tree. As you can see from this picture - it is all beat up near the bottom. That is from elephants. Eventually they will tip it over.

Jim at Boa Tree

Interesting Tree

Jungle - interesting trees and vines
Just a note about the Boa tree -- I think that must be the kind of tree they used in the "Lord of the Rings" movie where the tree come alive and go to battle.

Sunset - Malawi

Sunset - Malawi - near river with palm trees, mountains, etc.

These weird vines wrap around the trees - go up and then come back down

We drove across this bridge!


Can you see the Papaya?

Pictures we took when we visited the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi. We are looking at doing an initiative here to give them some much needed equipment. It will only be a small portion of what they need, but every little bit helps. Each patient has their own caregiver who must be there to assist and take care of them. There is 1 nurse for two units. When you look at the hospital pictures - don't just look at the people - look at the equipment and the beds, etc. Not very good stuff. I hope I don't ever have to go there.

area for caregivers to wait when not helping

broke both legs in a fall - he was crying a lot until we came along

children's ward

I think they could use some wheelchairs

Kids wanted their pictures taken - it made them smile!

over crowded women's ward

These people are sitting beside a box (crib) where sick child is

women's ward

Women's ward - each patient in hospital must have their own caregiver with them

Love, Nancy

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  1. Oh the pictures of the hospital makes my heart break! I will NEVER complain about our Medical health care over here again. I bet that baby with the broken legs, will never walk the same again....I was wondering about leg casts. I didn't see any on him. I bet the bones don't heal very straight without casts. So sad......

    About the tree that the elephants are trying to break you know why they do that? They don't eat bark do they? Why do they knock down trees??