Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Electric (ZESA) Bill

We received a bill for our electricity for our flat. Everyone (couples) have thought that it was paid with the condo fees but we found out it isn't. Apparently the billing is in such a mess that no one has been receiving them and they just go down and pay $20 or each month. Taylors have been here for almost 18 months and never paid anything.

Our bill was for $78 - we paid $60. Apparently if people don't pay by the end of June they will cut off our power. Not like we don't get regular power cuts anyway!!!!! :) Who knows when it was ever paid before so I guess $78 is pretty good.

This country is in such a mess!! It truly is amazing. We have to just laugh about it or we'd want to cry for these people. It goes to show what happens when a country just stops giving services and
keeping up the infrastructure.

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  1. WoW. Another thing that we just take for granted.