Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just a quick note

I just had to write and tell you about taking a lady to the clinic. She had come in last week for help and appeared again today. I paid the $5 for her to see a nurse at this clinic that Pres. Neild had suggested. Anyway, the lady told me she is weak because she has been menstruating for a long time. The nurse examined her and confirmed that to be true and gave her a prescription and said it was either an infection or, if you can believe this, "witchcraft". If she takes the prescription for 3 days and it doesn't stop the problem then she will refer her to a dr. at the hospital. I asked the nurse afterwards when she filled me in - if she could just refer her to a doctor now but she would not as that is the way it is done here!! I don't think it is an infection. Maybe "witchcraft" lol !! :) I
better be careful someone will put a spell on me!!

Love, Sis. B.

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  1. Hello wonderful friends,

    We finally broke down and bought a computer so we could communicate with the rest of the world. Your world looks so interesting. I just cry when I see you with the beautiful people of Zimbabwe. I commented to my daughter that we had better never complain about our situations. And, we better do all we can to help others in the third world.

    You both look well. Nancy, you look happy. What a wonderful thing you are doing. God bless you both. We miss you and think of you often. You are always in our prayers.

    Love, Bob and Shirley Angevine