Monday, June 1, 2009


This is the man that was excommunicated about 4 years ago that Jim got to baptize.

Brother Abel Mhandu & Elder Bullock

President Tizipai, Sister & Brother Mhandu, Elder Bullock, President Zaronga - Kadoma Branch

First thing this morning we gave out a wheelchair to a lady with cerebal palsy. She hasn't had a chair since November. She called here and Elder Bullock told her that if she could come right now we had a chair for her. She wept when she saw the chair and was so grateful to get it. What a rewarding experience it was to be able to give that to her.

Well our container has arrived on site and the contents have been transferred to our storage container. We sent some things to the Newland's Clinic down the street and we are still full. The transfer went well and we are tired!! It is good to have that done -- now for the distribution! President Neild helped us all morning and hopefully we have the contents stored in the container in a way that we can get at what we need, when we need it.
Container on truck

Unloading bundles of clothes

Transferring goods to our container

Loading one of the trucks to send to Newland's Clinic

I just wanted to explain who Newland's clinic is. They are currently treating about 2500 HIV/AIDS patients right now and have a waiting list of over 3000. They help with clothes and other things as well. We gave them: 10 boxes of newborn kits, 1/2 pallet of school kits, 36 boxes of hygiene kits, 4 boxes of single size quilts and 3 bales of youth clothing. We know that they will distribute them properly and that they will go where they are needed.

It is getting full


ZIMRA (tax people)
While unloading the container these people showed up. They said they were driving by and made a U-turn to come back and check to make sure we had our paperwork stamped, etc., which we did. Pres. Neild showed them around and explained what goods we had and what they were for. They seemed happy enough with things!!

Notice the restraints

We just liked this sign!

Starting to burn the countryside

Better look both ways!! We have seen several of these signs.

Love, Elder & Sister Bullock

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