Friday, June 26, 2009


We don't have our bakkie back yet - they did decide it was only a fan belt but it is taking them a long time to get it done!!! Hopefully this morning. We need it to drive to Masvingo tomorrow morning. Yesterday afternoon we went with the elders to show them where our friends in Epworth live. They had an appointment to teach them after they were in attendance at the meeting there last Sunday. (Gift & Zvikomborero Kureva). They have 3 children - 11 yrs. - Panashe, 9 yr. old - Poshia, & 3 yr. old - Rumbidzai. We really like these people - the husband is kind of quiet but the wife is full of personality. Panashe is great.

I need to go out and sort through some clothing so we can give some to a lady who is coming back this afternoon. I'm not sure how I feel about giving to her but..... I guess we will err on the side of
generosity. It is so hard to know if they are being honest or making up a story. I just want to pick out a few things ahead of time so that she doesn't see all that we have. She said she has 7 children
and when I ask for the ages and sex of them there were 9. ??? When I questioned her she said that the 12 yr. olds are triplets. Who knows!!!! The lady is crippled and uses a arm crutch - her leg was
injured ((burned, I think). They use that to their advantage too. Am I getting hard and calloused????

WOW!! Elder Taylor just brought us in our mail --- A PACKAGE!! from my friend Ruth!! Thanks Ruth - it finally came!! It was mailed April 2nd. Can't wait to make a salad and have some decent ranch dressing on it (from the dry mix packages) & also some "Extra" brand gum for a treat once in a while (Jim's favorite) - they don't have sugar-free gum here. She also sent some "sweet" corn seeds which we can plant in the spring (autumn to you).

I must get busy and go sort some clothes. :)
Love, Nancy

P.S. The boy with cancer in his eye - I finally got a hold of someone who informed me that the boy passed away -- he must not have been very good and that is why the mother never returned with him. The mother is to be back in a week or so and will contact us. I think the boy must have been in a lot of pain and is in a much better place now. The surgery obviously wouldn't have helped him at this point. I called the doctor and let him know.

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