Thursday, June 11, 2009


A lady who is HIV positive just came in. She is 8 months pregnant and she is looking for someone to supply milk for the baby after it is born. When women have HIV/AIDS they cannot nurse their babies or they will pass on the disease. We don't supply milk/food so we can't help her. We did give her phone numbers for two organizations that she can try. That's all we can do.

This morning we took a truck load of humanitarian supplies out with Pastor Sikyani in the rurals. We dropped off things in two different locations. We could not drive to where some of his people are so he will take it to them by ox-cart. We think this Pastor is a good man. He didn't ask for a ridiculous amount of things like some of the others. He had a list of his most needy people and exactly what he felt each needed. It was great.
School teacher, Pastor Sikyani and Elder Bullock with bale of clothes

We gave his primary school a soccer ball from the boxes of toys that came and they loved that. The kids went crazy with it. I guess we should have taken a couple more - but maybe not. We did have another one and we drove past a school on our way back where there were lots of kids (200 plus) in the field playing. Some had a cloth ball of some sort. We stopped and a couple of the teachers came over and we gave them a ball and a pump. We said it looked like they could use
one. They seemed pleased.

Primary school kids with soccer ball

Also on our way along the 'dust' road we stopped now and then and gave away a few handmade stuffed balls, 3 dolls and a couple of wooden cars. The kids gets so excited. Grandma Bullock used to spend hours sewing those balls so that the people in the rehab place could stuff them. We never knew how valuable those balls would seem to us and that we would be the ones giving them away!!! Wow! The kids are so grateful for them here!! I will send a couple of pictures. Also
the little handmade dolls and cars. They are making some little children very happy. Thank you!

Hand sewn, stuffed balls

Little guy not too sure about me.

Some little kids are scared to death of us white folks. Sometimes we will give out a little "sweet" to kids and as soon as we drive off they get all excited about whatever they got. One little girl today
that we gave a stuffed animal to looked really nervous but as we left she ran excitedly to her home. It was fun.

Little girl on road that we gave a doll to

Kids walking home from school.

Kids were streaming down the side of the road coming from school. They start about 7:30 and get out at 1:00 p.m. When we walk in the mornings the kids start coming out of their places about 6:45 a.m. Some walk quite a ways to get to school. Some we see regularly greet us with great big smiles now.

Sister Bullock & Zvikomborero Murniro in Epworth

This is the lady who we helped after their house was robbed while they were at a funeral. We went back and gave them some shoes and also her neighbor's children.

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  1. Oh the pictures of the kids are SO cute! Love to see all the simple little things that you are doing that help them out so much.

    So sad about the pregnant lady with HIV. I am glad though, that she is seeking help so as not to pass it on to her baby.