Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good morning, We are at the office earlier than usual this a.m. because Jim had to take the bakkie (truck) in to get the clutch checked. They want us to make sure all is well as it is going to get sold shortly and Wellington, the public affairs fellow, wants to buy it. Our new vehicle should be cleared in a few days. Elder Taylor saw it yesterday and they still need to put the topper on it. It is an Isuzu, double cab, diesel white truck - pretty much the same as what we have - except the new one is diesel. Diesel fuel here is considerably cheaper. Fuel has gone up in price recently - diesel is $.95/ltr. and regular gas is $1.30/ltr.

Yesterday we went out with Bishop Foriji and he showed us the ward gardens. They are lucky enough to have them near a water supply. There is a creek running by and they use it to fill an old swimming pool and also have some pipe carrying the water from one water hole to the next so they can get the water to different parts of the gardens. They then dip in their watering cans/buckets and hand water the crops. They do need fertilizers and pesticides to make a more productive garden.

Bishop Foriji and Elder Bullock

This bishop has a hard ward. He gives food assistance to several families that live in Caladonia Farm - where they have been relocated in tent houses when their houses were destroyed/bulldozed.
Tent houses provided by UNICEF for people whose homes were destroyed

A great looking ward garden project

A water hole for watering gardens - water drains in and out

Another water collection hole

Couple of little kids by gardens

He then took us to his place to show us his hand-dug well that is in his front yard. There is a lack of water in the area and he has offered people the use of his well (at no cost, of course) so consequently there is a line-up of women every morning wanting to fill their jugs. He says that his well never goes dry and the water looks nice and clear (still needs to be treated or boiled though). He would like to get some bricks and cement to build up walls on the inside of the well and also to put a cover on the top to make it safer - he says that would cost about $150 U.S. He is hoping that perhaps LDSC can help. Perhaps if we get a water project approved we can include that on it - but I'm not sure.
Bishop Foriji's well in yard that he shares and it never goes dry

He wants to line this well with brick and put a cement top around with a lid - cost $150 USD

They raise a few chickens for meat and also eggs. He had a hen sitting on eggs. It all helps them be self-sufficient.

Their ward is planning a trip to the Johannesburg temple at the end of July. I guess several are preparing to go for the first time - they will take a bus. The church has a fund to help first time attendees with the trip and accomodations. The bishop and his family have been before so must pay their own way (about $500). His wife said she is selling their TV ($100) so they can go. Good people!!

Used to be beautiful farmed land

Garbage dump along street

A graveyard we drove by

Gum Tree

No wonder people don't have electricity!

a graveyard we drove by
This is the adult graveyard and there was one behind for children.People have just started this burial ground in a field as it is too costly ($100) to use an official one. The dates on the graves were
very recent.

On our way home last evening we stopped to visit Mercy, the girl that runs a restuarant/gift shop. We met her last week and gave her a 'plan of salvation' pamphlet. She was excited to see us and went to get her pamphlet. She had filled every open space with notes. It was great. She loved it and believes it all. She shared her feelings with us and has a pretty good understanding. She loved the idea that there were different kingdoms in heaven. She said she layed in bed the night before and wished that she had "the book" so she could read it. We gave her a 'Book of Mormon' and she was excited and said she loves to read and she would devour it!! She is such a great lady - would be a great leader. We set up with her to come to the mission office on Monday morning and we will teach her. It really wouldn't surprise me if she has read the whole book by then.

Moses just offered to vacum our office - so I let him! We usually do our own. He's getting ready for our visitors - the Health minister and a couple of other officials. We, along with others are giving them a presentation and telling what we do here. I need to go set up a display of our hygiene, newborn, and school kits along with a couple of quilts. We have a short DVD clip to show and will also take them on a tour of our gardens here. It will all take about an hour and then we are having lunch with them here in the boardroom.

I better go get busy I guess.

Love to all, Elder & Sister Bullock

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  1. Wow. The Bishops here have it so easy (and I am sure they would agree with me) compared to Bishop Foriji. What a great man he is. I am SURE the Lord is the one who is making sure that Well doesn't run dry. ; )