Friday, June 5, 2009


Thursday we went to visit a place that these Nuns run for HIV/AIDS. They take care of about 30 in the complex at a time but they visit and help about 2500 - 3000. They are amazing. We gave them a truckload of stuff out of our container today.

At the HIV/AIDS place that we visited - only the really sick go there to get help or die. While we were there a vehicle came to take away a body. We are going to go out with a girl named Charity one day while she does her rounds of homes to check on people under their care. It sounds like it will be a real eye-opener or tear-jerker!!!

Today we went to Epworth to try and find a couple that came here yesterday saying that while they were at a funeral someone stole all their household belongings. We didn't know if we should believe them and told them we would come out. We had an address but... we drove around there for over an hour and kept asking but we couldn't find them. Everyone we asked said go down this dusty road and that dusty road and then ask someone else. We did that for quite a while but..... actually when we were about to leave someone said she knew the name we were looking for but that she wasn't there right now. We left our business card with the lady and told her to tell them we were there. We had blankets and some clothes for them but...

Let's get our money together and make an investment!!

Do you want to come to this salon?

a house built onto this truck

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