Monday, June 8, 2009


Hi all,

Well we had our first experience of distributing clothes, shoes, blankets, soap and a few newborn kits today. It was organized by the Enterprise Branch and they had helpers there as well. We asked Rachael, Pres. Neild's daughter, if she would help us and Sis. Neild also came. Thank good for them!!!! They have the experience of doing this. We were suppose to give to 108 people, however, there were a lot more than that. Giving the shoes was one of the hard parts - trying to
find a pair that would fit. They didn't try on - we just put it up to the bottom of their foot and measured and hope it worked. We tried to make sure the neediest looking got to come in first.

We set up inside the church and the people came in one door, went around our circuit and left out another door. We had someone at the door only letting in a few at a time so that we could try and keep some order. We gave at least two clothing items, a pair of shoes, a blanket and a bar of soap that can be used for laundry or body.

For the most part it went well and we did help a lot of people. We gave out 140 blankets and not everyone got one. We ran out of shoes for school age kids - we have more shoes here but we weren't expecting that many.

In the beginning there were two younger ladies that came through and they were dressed rather well so we told them that there were others that needed things worse than they did. Thank goodness for Rachel who is good at telling people such things. Rachel then went outside and
handpicked the first ones to come through so that the neediest got what they needed. Anyway -- as we about finished Elder Bullock told me that he saw one of the nice dressed ladies going out with an armful of stuff. I told Rachel and we went to where they were on the grass and confronted them. Rachel told them if they didn't want us to embarrass them that they needed to take their stuff around the corner and dump it out and that I would let them pick a couple of things. She got quite upset with them - which they deserved. Anyway they dumped their bags and, o my gosh!! They had a lot and it was some of the better stuff. They must have somehow had kids getting extra things. I don't know how they did it - but they are so deceitful and greedy --. We can't judge though because under the same circumstances we would probably be the same way!!!!
Rachel kind of lost it with them. I was mad too. We said that since they were doing that and it was outright theft that we were taking it all -- And we did! There were 3 large armfuls of clothes (mostly children - which we ran out of). We put them in the backseat of the truck and brought them home - since we were done by then. I'm sure they still got away with some things but at least not all of it!!!!

O well -- we are tired but we did help a lot that really needed it. There are some very poor people in that area. I will send a few pics on the blog.
Our crew from Enterprise Branch

Our shoe department

Blankets and soap ready to give

Sister Neild helping give blankets & soap

People watching from outside hoping for something

It is sad to see all the people outside the fence watching. We had some extra things still so we went out and had them line up and chose the worse looking ones and let them come in and get a little of something. Mostly it was children that had gotten out of school.

Children outside fence hoping for something

Leaving with their things

A lady and her granddaughter taking their goods. I had to help this lady lift this onto her head. She had a hard time walking with her stick and all.

People leaving at end of distribution

One other thing: I talked to Estere this morning because we had a dr. appointment for her 6 yr. old son on Tues. However, I guess the son is 150 km. away with his grandmother. Estere will go get him and be back on Sat. I called the dr. and he will see the boy next Monday at 1:00 p.m. It will be so great to help him. It sounds like if the dr. can help him he will put the boy in the hospital and do surgery on Tues. That is good news.

Must run. Love to all, Elder and Sister Bullock

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  1. Those pictures sure put it all into perspective. The church is doing such a wonderful thing for these people. Sounds like you are getting the hang of things very quickly over there.