Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Logan’s birthday today! Happy Birthday.

First thing this morning a lady came in. She got pregnant and got HIV (the baby died) but she was shunned by her family and also the father of the baby. She was in tears and wanting some help. It is hard to know if their stories are for real sometimes but sometimes it is better to give them the benefit of the doubt. I gave her a few things and hope it will help her out.

Pastor Wonder came to see us first thing this morning too and wanted some things to take back to his people. We gave him a bundle of clothes, bag of shoes, blankets, soap, and a few hygiene kits. We trust that he will give them to those who need the help. Before he left another man, Pastor Zachariah, came asking for help for two families. He had a list of their ages and gender. He came with a wheel barrow to take it home in – he didn’t live too far away. Then a lady and her child came – asking for money (which we don’t give). We did however notice that her shoes were not very good so we offered her a pair of shoes and some sandals for the child. Gave her sandals, shorts and headband from container

Tabeth then came and was hoping we can help her with some items to assist some of the people that she tries to help. We will see what we can do. We had a couple more phone calls from others who want our help with items. By this time though we were feeling a little overwhelmed with it all. It is great to have the container here but I think our greatest challenge is ahead of us – trying to figure out where it should go and how!!

One lady, Lettie, who is requesting help for her orphanage wants to come in tomorrow. We are not going to give to her as we have found out that they were seen selling food that Rob Spencer gave to the orphanage. He has cut her off after giving a lot of food to her for over 4 years. We already told her that we know about that and are not giving to her either. We had a member of the branch presidency from Enterprise come in with a list of names that we had requested he get together for us. He had previously asked us about helping some orphans and widows who live in their area. We feel good about doing that and arranged to take some things out there next Monday for distribution. He will organize it at the church yard. There will be about 100, so we will see how that goes.

President Neild called and ask if we would drive out to Howard Hospital about 1 ¼ hours away in the rural area. We went there this afternoon and met with Dr. Thistle. He is from Toronto and has lived in Zimbabwe for 15 years doctoring at this hospital. He has some doctors come now and then from the U.S. and Canada and spend a few weeks helping out. There are 3 doctors at the hospital and I think he said 40 nurses. It was old and run down but functional. They can certainly use anything we can give – blankets, hygiene kits, newborn kits, soap, etc. You just can’t even imagine the crowded conditions and the line ups for help – he said the lines were short today! Dr. Thistle is taking next month off and will be visiting Canada. He will be in Calgary and mentioned that he will be visiting at Peter Lougheed Hospital. (small world sometimes)
We saw this on our drive to Howard hospital. 'Tis the season for burning grass - I don't understand why the fires don't get away on them.

Lots of orange groves on the way to Bendura

Yard of hospital - generator used a lot!

Waiting room at Howard Hospital (not a lot today!)

Dr. Thistle (from Toronto) in children's ward at Howard Hospital

Maternity ward - 2500 babies born here each year

Preemie at Howard Hospital

Operating room getting sterilized

Toilet at hospital. YIKES!!!

Men's bathroom at hospital

They need wheelchairs

On our way home from the hospital we came across a group of ladies and some children. They were selling their buckets of sweet potatoes on the side of the dusty road. I said, ‘let’s stop and give them each a hygiene kit’. So Jim stopped and backed up to where they were. We gave each of the 13 ladies a kit and they were so appreciative. That was really the highlight of our whole day!!
Gave ladies each a hygiene kit on side of road

Jim entertaining group - juggling

Love you, Sis. Bullock

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  1. I am overwhelmed with just thinking about all the decisions and choices you have to make with regards of who to help and when. These pictures SURE paint a thousand words. I just about lost it when I saw the duct tape (or whatever kind of tape it was) on the incubator for the preemies in the hospital. Everything seems so run down and in such bad condition.

    Whenever I visit the hospital here, I walk by rooms and closets FULL of extra beds, wheel chairs, and other equipment just sitting there. In good condition and yet not used due to "shortage of beds".

    What a contrast to what you see there. I am SO humbled by what you and Jim are doing. You are both in our prayers.