Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hi moms, Just a note to let you know that all is well and we are fine. Not too much exciting going on - just meeting with people and discussing boreholes. We did take a little time off this morning with the Deppes and went and met Fred who has a little store where he sews/sells shirts etc. He walked with us to some fabric stores a few blocks away and we bought a little and he will make Jim a couple of African shirts and me a wrap around skirt. ($5 to sew a shirt, $6 for the skirt) The shirt and skirt will match!! :) I wasn't going to have Fred sew it but after he took us to the stores I think he kind of expected that he would be doing it -- and that is fine. The price is right. He is a very nice and handsome man. (African - originally from Ghana).

The Professor, as everyone calls him, came in this afternoon with a friend. (They nicknamed him Professor when he was in prison - because he is really quite smart and reads a lot). The professor was baptized about 6 or 8 months ago. He had served some time in prison here and read a conference Liahona while there. As soon as he got released he came looking to be taught the gospel and since then his wife and children have been baptized as well. He is the nicest, happiest, most enthusiastic fellow you could meet. Anyway, his friend just got released from prison a couple of weeks ago and he has brought him to us so that he can be taught the gospel. We will refer him to the missionaries that work in the area where he is living. The work moves forward!
Joshua, Victoria and the Professor (Bro. Matiza)

Professor's daughter, Victoria - we gave her some crayons

We are meeting up with Seka in a little while. He will move into the housing at Merci's restaurant tonight. He will be closer now and we will get busy teaching him the discussions. He is doing really well and likes the job he has.

Better run. Love you, Elder & Sister Bullock

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