Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our visit from Bishop McMullin

Our visit was only about 3 hours in total because of airline flights that didn't work out too well. We had Bro. and Sis. Watson from the area presidency here as well and also Bro. Cowan, who is the temporal affairs director for SE Africa (he is the head guy over humanitarian). There was a training meeting with us and the Stake and District Presidents this morning. Bishop McMullin's message was basically that different kingdoms come and go but the Kingdom of God stays. As we obey, God blesses His people. He can bless us no matter where we live. We need to establish his kingdom in our hearts, families, and homes. Be dependent upon God. Care for ourselves and then reach out to others. Walk out of impoverishment. If people will pay their tithes and offerings they can walk out of poverty on their own two feet. Work brings about self reliance.
Temporal and spiritual self reliance go together. Lift people temporally so they can lift each other spiritually. All His work is spiritual (D & C 29)
Exercise your faith. Pray and Do.

That is kind of the jist of the training. We didn't have time to show them a project or two that we are working on but we did get to talk with them for a while. It was a good visit. We have about 9 projects that we are working on and hope to get them organized and submitted before the end of the year so we can get them approved on this year's budget. We think we have some good projects. We are working with the community members to get a good committee that will sustain the projects and take care of them - that is the big challenge!

We have a new granddaughter, Lydia Marie Bullock (Brad and Nicole).

Love, Elder & Sister Bullock

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