Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Not a lot to report. We delivered 10 kg. of tomatoes to the Hamburger Hut this morning and also 20 bunches of spinach to Mama Mia's restaurant. The onions are finished and most of the cabbages are gone. We have met with Bishop Spencer of the Highlands ward about taking over the gardens and running it through the ward instead of LDSC. That is in the works and needs to take place before the planting for the rainy season.

We submitted our 2nd project to SA for approval - the grinding mill motor for the Old People's Home in Mutare. We should hear about our projects in another week or 10 days when everyone is back from General Conference.

Pastor Sikyani came in today and we set up a date to go with him and take some clothes, soap etc. to a village that cannot be reached with our truck. We will go by ox-cart!! We have arranged to go on October 20th. That should be an interesting experience.

We are working on our water projects but it is painfully slow to get some people doing what they need to do. It is frustrating but I think that is partly the way life is in Africa.

Tree outside of the mission office with yellow blossoms

Kids hoping I have something for them.

Love, The Bullock's

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