Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday, October 4th

We got up early and came over to the office as email and pictures send so much better on a weekend morning. Because of conference we don't have to travel anywhere today to attend our branches. They don't get conference out there so they do still have their regular meetings.

Covo (rape) plant - vegetable they use in their relish

Just a note about the Covo plant that is widely used for making their relish. They don't need seeds to grow it. They just break of a small branch of it and stick it into the ground. Thank goodness for that as it makes it possible for everyone to have it in their gardens at no cost. They chop it up and cook it with with a little oil and tomatoes and onions if they have any and that is what they eat with their sadza (corn maize - thick porridge). They eat it with their hands by taking a chunk of sadza and dipping it into the relish. If they are lucky they can get a little meat and make a stew to dip into as well. They eat this day in and day out and they love it!

Gardens by Highland Chapel

Trees by gardens

Tomatoes in greenhouse

School girls polishing the floors

One of our gardeners growing tomatoes

Little kids waiting to go home after school

We were at this school talking about the borehole we hope to do for them. They are working really hard at getting the water committee set up and making a plan to collect and save a little money so that they can sustain the project. They do have a great garden area at this school that they currently work at but water will help them do it so much better.

Grinding mill attendant practising his guitar - he plays and sings pretty good

This is the school that has had a grinding mill but the motor has worn out. The school invited a nearby farmer to put his mill there for now so that the community won't have to walk so far to do their grinding. It costs them $1/pail to grind and this young man gets paid $50 a month to mind the mill and do the grinding. We will look into doing a project to get the school a new motor as their mill is still fine and the proceeds of having it really help the school. Right now they just get $50/month rent from the person who is renting the shed for his mill.

Rutope Secondary School classrooms

Entertainment at Merci's restaurant Friday night

We went here for supper and the entertainment Friday night for our 35th Anniversary celebration. It was an enjoyable evening but it was outside and it got a little cool before we were done. The meal started with mushroom soup and rolls and then they served some rice with a beef dish, goat stew, oxtail, chicken (that was good) and a little lettuce salad. At least they didn't serve their caterpillar delicacy that the natives love so much!!

These trees are all over the place and they are so pretty with their purple blossoms.

Yesterday we went out to attend a community meeting regarding the borehole we want to do for them, however, no one showed up. The meeting was to be help on a 'city plot' where we plan to put the borehole and we learned that people don't want to come because they are afraid. At one point last year the ZANU-PF party took over this plot and there were some bad things that happened there. Cloud, the man who is working to help this water project happen, was pretty discouraged, but we talked about holding the meeting somewhere else. After we left and drove around for a few minutes we stopped and talked to a couple of men that were a block or so away and told them that we were trying to put a borehole on the plot for the community. They told us how much the community needs the water. We told them that we need their help to make this happen and they said they would talk to community members and let them know that we are LDS Charities and not affiliated with any political party.

I think the Lord was on our side to help us stop and talk to these particular men as one of the men ask us "How is Reg Nield doing?" Several years ago he was acquainted with Reg and knew him well. That helped him to know that we are okay and he will help us get this project going. We got a text message later in the day that he had gone and talked with Cloud at the city plot and they will set up a community meeting at a hall. This project might happen after all. This is the area where we took a picture of the boy getting water out of the hole in the street (drainage hole).

Yesterday afternoon we stopped at a flea market (I should have taken some pictures). I have been there once before. They have some nice things there but they sure are persistent and everyone wants us to come into their little 'space' and look at their things. They are all so desperate to sell something. I bought a necklace, bracelet, and ear rings for $5.00 for the set - that was a good deal. Also a wrap around skirt for $18. At one booth we got a beautiful carved ebony bowl with a lid, candle sticks (with giraffes on them) and a carved bracelet - all for $20. I got a couple other fun wood things for $5 each. I have to be careful as we can only bring home so much weight but these things were small. We are watching for a beautiful walking stick but haven't found anything special yet. I think when we go to Victoria Falls there are suppose to be really nice things there. The ebony things that we bought come out of Malawi.

Seka will meet us today and go to conference this afternoon. He did go to the meeting when Elder Holland was here but he hasn't been to a sacrament meeting yet as he just moved here. If there is time between sessions we will try and give him another discussion. He is staying at a friend's place across town until he starts to get a pay check and can rent a place closer. He does get some transport money from his employer up front, but the month will be tight for him - they get paid at the end of the month. He will stay at a room behind Merci's restaurant and may be able to move their earlier and help her in her yard/gardens. You all know how we feel about this guy and the sacrifice he has/is making so that he can be taught this gospel that he has been searching for. We will have to have him write his story. We need to ask Merci to write her story for us too as it was not just by chance that we met and taught her.

Time to head back to the flat and get ready for our day. We are looking forward to listening to conference. We enjoyed the Sat. morning session - it was so good. The people here are so happy to have the broadcast here. This is only the second time. One of the sister missionaries watched it for the first time last evening and thought it was so-o-o great! We take so much for granted.

We love these people here and are so glad to be serving amongst them. Everyone should put in their mission papers and ask for Africa!! The mission president is putting in a request for another couple here in Zimbabwe. hint-hint!!

Love to all our family and friends, The Bullocks

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  1. HAPPY HAPPY 35th ANNIVERSARY to you both!!! : D