Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ox-cart Ride Pictures (Part II) and more

Heading home

Stopping to let donkeys have a drink

Pulling hard up the hill


Sister Bullock in cart

We were on our way back to Harare in the truck and saw these kids sitting on their step and gave them a toy. We had taken some toys with us but never took them out on the ox-cart as there were too many kids there to have enough for everyone. They were pretty happy.

Meeting with community at clinic near Juru (transformer stolen) to talk about how they would take care/security if we replace the transformer for them at the clinic and repair their borehole. We were impressed because they had gotten together and collected some money to have a fellow come and 'hand-dig' a well for them. He hadn't reached water yet and he was getting down pretty deep.

Digging of a well

Fills up the bucket and sends it up

Climbing out of well (hole).

He's out!

This is how they weight the babies at the clinic

Main street of Juru

In town of Juru

More of Juru. As you look down the dusty main street of this town it looks like it could be right out of an old western movie.

Hi, Just a quick note. We are on our way to Masvingo this morning and will do visits to inactives with the branch president. We will stay overnight and go to church there tomorrow. We like the Inn we stay in there so it is an okay get-away.

I just sent Kimberley a bunch of pictures for the blog so check them out. I haven't been able to send pictures very easily lately but have discovered that if I do it early in the mornings before the internet gets busy they will go through better.

We spent last evening with Seka and showed him the first Work and Glory movie. He liked that. We will teach him another discussion when we get back on Sunday. He's doing well and trying to convert everyone he works with. He's already invited a bunch of people to his baptism on Nov. 14th.

Must run. Love you all. Love, E/S Bullock

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