Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday, October 28, 2009

Hi, We gave someone a ride to court in Marondera today and then ended up having to wait for a long time - basically spent the better part of our day there. I was sitting outside and this 9 yr. old girl, Takudzwa was sitting further down on the ledge. Soon I noticed that she had moved and sat close to me. She was waiting for her parents - her dad was on trial for rape (Jim told me that!) Don't know what happened with that as they were still there when we left. She couldn't speak English and I can't speak Shona so we did the best we could. I gave her a piece of gum and she chewed it for a minute or two and then swallowed it. I tried to teach her to play X & O's. We played probably about 50 games but she never really got the hang of it.

My friend Takudzwa

Takudzwa - waiting at court for her parents

I tried to get her to understand that she had to stop me from getting my X's lined up but.... She did smile when she got her's lined up and drew the line through them! She does know her English ABC's from school and knew a few simple words that I wrote down. Anyway, we entertained each other for a couple of hours. A couple of people walked by and one ask if I was a therapist and I said, No, we are both just waiting and playing a game.

Police stop at side of road

Police stop ahead of us

I think this guy might have thought he saw me take a picture (a no-no!). I slid the camera down by the seat and was holding something else on my lap. He did stop us and ask for Jim's license so I was a little worried that he had seen me but he found everything in order and let us go. Whew!! We usually don't get stopped. They normally just wave us by.

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