Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, October 19th

We had a good weekend doing our Kadoma Branch conference. All went well but glad it is done. We stayed overnight in Kadoma as it is 2 hours away. We were not really too sure about the hotel but we decided to try it. It was mostly okay except that we didn't have a drop of water in the morning to take a shower or anything. They wouldn't give us a discount on the room and we had prepaid (as that was the requirement and now we know why!).

Sat. evening when we were having supper in the dining room - a movement caught my eye and I told Jim that perhaps a geiko was under a table as I thought I had seen a tail disappear. There was one other table of people and suddenly two of the ladies were jumping up on their chairs to get away from something. I didn't think such things bothered Africans. Anyway the next thing we knew they were standing ON the table and having a fit about something. We thought it was a geiko but I guess it was some other critter (maybe it is good I didn't get a good look or I might have been on the table too). They described it at kind of 'cat' looking with a face like a rat, a weird tail, and stripes like a leopard. No one seemed to know what it was but apparently it had been seen around the place for the past week or so. We never did see it - don't know where it disappeared to. Weird!! The ladies wouldn't come back into the dining room and finished their meal somewhere else. As we were leaving one of the men ask about our name tags and we explained what we are doing here. He said that one of the ladies at the table would probably like to talk to us. It turned out that she is the Director of nursing for Zimbabwe (she wasn't one that jumped on to the table). Anyway, it was arranged that we would meet her at breakfast, which we did. We chatted and exchanged phone numbers etc. They would be interested in working with us if we do a Neo-natal project next year.

We have been looking at two clinics in the rural areas where both have had their electicity transformers stolen so they have had no power for several months and consequently no water as they need power to run the borehole pump. We were there today with a meeting with some community members. It might be a project that we could do - it would help a lot of people. They got a quote on replacing the transformer etc. and it is just over $4000. We don't know if that is a decent price or not. We also have to take our borehole guy out and see what he thinks about fixing that up and what it would cost.

Tomorrow is our trip out into the boondocks to take some humanitarian supplies to a village by 'oxcart'. We are just deciding what we should take. We just talked to the Pastor and he says there will be 300 people (we thought there was 150). We can't take enough to do for all of them but I guess we will do what we can. Should be an interesting day. I'm sure we will be exausted by the end of it. We will take pictures.

We taught Seka a discussion last night and played Elder Holland's conference talk for him. Yesterday was his first time at a church service and he liked it all. He is doing great. His baptism date is set for November 14th. Merci has gone to Uganda to visit her sister for 3 weeks and Seka is holding down the fort for her. She has closed things up but has domestic help that live on the premises. Seka is living there too now and it seems to be working okay. He gets 'tea' (breakfast) and lunch provided at his work so he is fed on weekdays. He is staying in a garage type building and has no way to cook. I ask Sunday night if he had eaten all day and he said, "No, but I'm alright as it is only one day". The other lady brought him something though. A lot of people here only eat 1 or 2 meals a day and I guess they are used to going without when there is nothing.

Emanuel called us this morning saying that they had no food and could he come and do some work. We have no work for him. It is really hard here sometimes to know what is best to do. We can't give them money and we don't have food. We have given Emmanuel some work in the pat and let him earn a little and we've given him some vegetables from the garden but we can't let him get dependent upon us as it cannot be an ongoing thing. We did get him an interview with Bishop Spencer to work at his store but he has no place for him right now.

On Thursday Bishop McMullin, from the presiding bishopric, and our Area Authority, Elder Koelliker, are coming to visit and we are to show them some projects we are working on. However, it doesn't sound like they will be here long so I don't know how much we can show them. At least perhaps we can get some ideas from them as to what they will approve. We think we have some good projects in the works so we can discuss those with them. OH YES, I don't think I told you that we got our school grinding mill project approved. The school was thrilled when we told them and they are already working on getting their building secured. We told them we would be back in 2 weeks to see how they were coming along. We don't want to order the mill until we know that they are doing their part.

We must get going and load up some things to take tomorrow. It is getting late.

Love to all, E/S Bullock

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  1. Yikes! I think I would have been on top of the table too along with those two ladies. Anything that looks like a rat would freak me out! ; S